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Soil stabilisation using ecoProactive™ binder technology


What we offer

Soil stabilisation is a well established technique to improve ground conditions or recycle in-situ materials during road renovation or repair. Cement and lime are commonly used for soil stabilisation, often for temporary solutions. Whilst cement/lime have their place, Eco-Fast offer the ecoProactive™ binder that is suited to most stabilisation applications and offers a long term and durable solution. 


Eco-Fast are the sole UK agents for the ecoProactive™ binder for soil stabilisation applications. ecoProactive™ is a superior hydraulic binder for the stabilisation of a wide range of base materials to create or repair paths, roads and hard standings. Our binder rapidly transforms in-situ materials into bound, durable and impermeable areas with enhanced bearing capacities. 

One of the most common applications for ecoProactive™ is upgrading worn out, potholed access roads e.g. at landfill sites or wastewater treatment works. Why spend thousands of pounds every year just to fill in the potholes that will be back again almost immediately? With ecoProactive™ the old road is 100% recycled into the new road you need. Why not do the job properly once and for all?


Read or download our case studies here.  

Key benefits of soil stabilisation using ecoProactive™

  • Proven technology applied by a rapid and simple process

  • Superior strength that increases over time and excellent durability

  • Resistant to potholes and scouring by water 

  • Long service life with minimal maintenance

  • Can be used with a wide range of surface dressings to suit all applications 

  • Cost-effective solution

Environmental sustainability

We provide a circular economy solution to designing out waste by making best use of available site materials to create roads, paths and hard standings. Some of the key environmental benefits are:


  • Zero waste or greatly reduced waste to landfill

  • Reduced or eliminated importation of new materials

  • Reduced material flow means reduced vehicle movements 

Remediation of contaminated land can also be achieved using ecoProactive™ soil binder. Stabilisation/Solidification enables certain types of contaminated soils to be retained on site avoiding disposal to landfill. Addition of ecoProactive™ binder chemically stabilises/immobilises contaminants as well as improving the engineering properties of the soil. 

Work with us

As our main focus is developing new markets and research & development, we work with core delivery partners such as Mackenzie Construction.


Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of ecoProactive™ for your projects large and small. 

For more information see our Applications and FAQ pages. Product safety data and case studies are available to view or download from our Resources page. Further information on ecoProactive™ is also available from the manufacturers website